Our PTA needs you and many hands make for light work!

On November 8, 2019, our students will  be running, walking, and navigating their way through this year’s CFK – “Quest for the Color.” While this is sure to be a fun event for students, the most important purpose of this event is to raise money for our PTA. The PTA is a vital part of Center for Knowledge, and our program needs your help!

Join the adventure! Please contact one of our Fundraising Chairs to see how you can share your skills and talents! 
Jessica Harvey at jessico413@gmail.com
Bethany Gregorich at bmg3289@icloud.com

What does all of this mean?
We know each of us possesses a different skill set or talent that can make this year’s “Quest for the Color” a huge success! We certainly appreciate your PTA membership, and you are invited to not only “join” our PTA, but also become part of the adventure! Your assistance with volunteering opprotunities in the weeks leading up to the event and especially the day of the event are abundantly appreciated! Please remember, the “Quest for the Color” is our ONE major fundraising event this year!

Most importantly…CFK will keep 100% of all profits raised!

Visit our color run website!

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