This event is in honor of the Very Important People in your child’s life.  We know as parents that it takes a village and we want to recognize the people that have made a difference for your child.  These people could be grandparents, aunts/uncles, coaches, any adult who your child feels has impacted them in a significant way.  PTA will be providing a light breakfast and coffee for our guests and students and students are proud to show their VIPs to their classrooms and their school!

Veteran’s Day Assembly

This is such a special event to witness at our school.  Even if you are not involved in the planning, make it a priority to come and watch this assembly!  The students and teachers make it such a meaningful and heartfelt event that the whole school is involved in. The PTA is responsible to host a breakfast to honor the Veterans invited to attend the assembly and walk. 

Color Run

This event is one of the most loved and anticipated events throughout the school year. It is a large undertaking that involves both CFK and CFKN campuses. The Color Run festivities start with a Kick off Assembly where students will bring home all the necessary information and get pumped! The next two weeks students are able to raise funds and will be rewarded with fun incentives for individuals and classes (think extra recess, no uniform day, and community surprises). The day of the Color Run, students will wear their T-shirts and sunglasses and get ready to have lots of fun! It is such a great event to get involved in and be part of, you don’t want to miss it!

Leopard Ball

Last year we were finally able to bring back the CFK/CFKN school dance and it was a huge success!  Everyone had a great time and it was a great event to bring our two campuses together and see the kids break out some dance moves!  The Leopard Ball will be held in early Spring 2025.

Teacher Appreciation Week

CFK has by far the best teachers and staff in the district.  They are a large part of what makes our school so special and one of the reasons why we entrusted CFK with our children’s elementary school education.  The PTA celebrates not only our classroom teachers, but every staff member that impacts our children. Together, they create the community and environment that help our students thrive. The PTA will work with the committee from CFKN to host a week that ensures each member of our staff feels how much they are loved and appreciated!